Rebuilding trust in their member data

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At a glance

The Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) has migrated to IMIS Cloud EMS in 2022 and they were looking to expand their usage of IMIS by introducing self-serve member capabilities and automation.

The association knew they had data quality issues but was unsure of its extent. They were also lacking a common understanding of their data model which was preventing them from making progress in a structured way towards a trusted member database.


Shift from storing data to using it Data Analytics
Save time, improve your operation Process Automation

What we did

Analyzed core tables for completeness and data discrepancies

Took inventory of all lookup tables and list of values

Provided recommendations to address data quality and integrity issues (in concert with their IMIS provider)

Mapped core forms, staff and member views to database fields

Created an easy-to-use data model (in Miro format)

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